School Policies

  • Self – Discipline is the motto of the school.
  • Students should maintain cleanliness and hygiene within the school campus. Littering is prohibited.
  • Students should observe polite civil behavior. Ragging, screaming or use of unparliamentary language is forbidden.
  • SHCS constitutes a family of students from various communities, religious and linguistic groups, the medium of instruction and communication is English in the school campus.
  • The school is not responsible for any loss of students’ belongings on the premises.
  • Under no pretext should a student miss any teaching/games/activity period.
  • Changing classrooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner. Students are expected to move quietly in a single file without causing any disturbance to other classes.
  • Students should not leave the premises during the school working hours.


  • Central Board of Secondary Education Certificate
  • Health and Sanitisation Certificate.
  • Health and Sanitisation Certificate by CMO.
  • Fire Safety Certificate.
  • Society Renovation Certificate.
  • List of chairman(s).
  • No Objection Certificate.
  • Disclosure.
  • Result Status.
  • TC Form.
  • Fees Structure.

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