Fees Structure

Regulation Governing the collection of fee

Class 2018-19 2019-20
I 2200 2398
II 2200 2398
III 2300 2507
IV 2300 2507
V 2400 2616
VI 2400 2616
VII 2500 2725
VIII 2500 2725
IX 2600 2834
X 2600 2834

Cheques will be depointed at the school fee counter from 3rd to 10th of the month.
The cheque will be deposited till 20th of month with late fee.

Important Notes :

  • Fee can be deposited through cheque drawn in favour of school, student name, class section mobile number must be clearly written on back side of the cheque.
  • If the 'last day of the payment' is a holiday then the day before such holiday in considered to be 'the last date for payment'.
  • The payment should be make on or before the dates as prescibed above, failing which the late payment will in made with a fine Rs.10/- per day including all holidays.
  • Remember of Non-Payment of fees may be issued on may not be issued, it is not mandatory for the school to issue such reminders, hence no claim shall be entertained for non-issuance of fee reminders at any stage.

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